Zoom Class-Thessalonians

Zoom Bible study over Thessalonians begins September 14 . Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 9:30 AM.

Zoom #: 327-601-8933  Password:     Bible2020  


Study Guides for class on Thessalonians:

Outline for Thessalonian Letters

The Maps of Thessalonica               


Study Guide 1 The Birth of A Church

Lesson 1 Video


Study Guide 2 What Every Church Should Be

Lesson 2 Video


Study Guide 3 How to Nurture the Church

Lesson 3 Video


Study Guide 4 How to Grow the Church

Lesson 4 Video Part 1

Lesson 4 Video Part 2


Study Guide 5 Learning to Stand

Lesson 5 Video


Study Guide 6 Learning to Walk

Lesson 6 Video


Study Guide 7 Walk With Your Eyes Open

Lesson 7 Video


Study Guide 8 Walk Through Trials on God's Timetable

Lesson 8 Video


Study Guide 9 Walking in the Truth Part 1
                         Walking in The Truth Part 2

Lesson 9 Video