Self-Governed Congregation

Churches of Christ have none of the trappings of modern-day organizational bureaucracy. There are no governing boards - neither district, regional, national or international - no earthly headquarters and no man-designed organization. 

Each congregation is autonomous (self ruled) and is independent of every other congregation. The only tie which binds the many congregations together is a common allegiance to Christ and the Bible. 

There are no conventions, annual meetings, nor official publications. Congregations do cooperate in supporting children's homes, homes for the elderly, mission work, etc. However, participation is strictly voluntary on the part of each congregation and no person nor group issues policies or makes decisions for other congregations. 

Each congregation is governed locally by a plurality of elders selected from among the members. These are men who meet specific qualifications for this office given in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. 

There are also deacons in each congregation. These must meet the biblical qualifications of 1 Timothy 3.