Youth Ministry



Spiritual Formation-Led by our Youth Minister, Keenan Brown.

Bible study is a vital part of Spiritual formation.

The Bible is fascinating, rich, and diverse, with powerful stories about God and his people. 

But as interesting as the Bible is, knowledge is not the end goal.

Jesus said that the Scriptures point towards Him. By reading and meditating over Scripture, and then applying it to our lives, we seek to become more and more like our savior, Jesus Christ.

The education ministry seeks to establish priorities and goals through Bible class programs. Functioning through several departments based primarily on age, this ministry should assure the effective and timely instruction in Bible doctrine and Christian living.

Some of our classes include:

Cradle Roll (Age 0-2)

Toddler (Age 2-3)

Pre-school (Age 4-5)

Primary (Grades 1-2)

Junior (Grades 3-5)

Middle School/High School/Keenan Brown

Adult: Harold Achimon/Scott Sides

Adult: Ricky Patterson