Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)

Statement of Purpose

North Texas Leadership Training for Christ is a duly recognized association of youth
groups of the Churches of Christ and parachurch youth groups affiliated with the
Churches of Christ. The purpose of NTLTC is to plan, organize, promote, and execute
programs that assist young Christians to develop their knowledge of the Bible and
biblical principles, enhance their communication and leadership skills, and orient their
energies and abilities to areas of Christian service.


A Brief History of LTC

The first LTC Convention was held in Dallas , Texas in 1989. This convention has now
expanded to three sites in the Dallas area. It became known as North Texas LTC in 1997
as other conventions were beginning.

Other LTC conventions have begun in various parts of the country. Each LTC convention is
a separate organization. The organizations cooperate in many areas for the benefit all the
students, but have local control to tailor the program to regional differences.

Other LTC conventions are:

LTC Southwest  (1993 to present)

Midwest LTC  (1996 to present)

LTC West  (1996 to present)

Central Texas LTC  (1997 to present)

Great Plains LTC  (1997 to present)

Southeast LTC  (2000 to present)

Black Hills LTC  (2000 – 2002)

Heart of America LTC  (2002 to present)

Eastern Region LTC  (2004 to present)

LTC Northwest Region (2006 to present)

Code of Ethics for Church Coordinators

  • LTC is for the growth and spiritual development of our youth. The LTC preparation must be the student's own work. Guidance, resources, and encouragement must be provided so students can develop their own ideas.
  • Church Coordinators must place their emphasis on participation and effort rather than on competition and winning. Lesser value comes from winning; maximum value comes from hard work and best efforts.
  • Church Coordinators must emphasize servant leadership. It is not enough to teach public communication skills, but additionally, we must model and teach leadership through servanthood.
  • Church Coordinators must find important and needed areas for our youth leaders to be integrated into the overall leadership of the church. Our youth need responsibilities now that give them important roles and contribute to the church.
  • Church Coordinators must communicate these ideas to all parents and church leaders.