Mustard Seed Ministry

Our Mustard Seed ministry started out as a series of sermons but has developed into a number
of areas of work.  Basically this ministry encourages small beginnings.  We never know what
God will do with the smallest effort. 

One man wrote a letter to a prisoner in an effort to study the Bible and within two years there
are over 500 students in our prison ministry who are learning about the Lord and growing in their faith. 

One man mowed a lawn and now there is an organized team of men who take care of lawns, do
electrical work, remodeling and various other odd jobs for people who are unable to take care of
these things. 

One woman put together a clothing give away for a few people and now it is an annual event open to
the entire community. 

The mustard seed ministry is really just a way of thinking that encourages bold moves in your life that
will put you in the middle of the Lord's kingdom work and give you the opportunity to use God-given
talents for him. 

Get involved.  Start something today!


























Annual clothing exchange for the community.


















Women of our church have made over 180+ masks during the COVID-19 pandemic for members, members' workplaces, and family members.